Custom coffee lovers gift package with two gourmet 12oz coffee packages of your choosing!
-Two Packages of 12oz Whole Bean or Ground of your choosing
-Mug of your choosing
-Dibella's Gourmet Biscotti
-Eleni's Nut-Free Gourmet Chocolate Chip or Butterscotch Cookies


Whole Bean
Bridgehampton Blend
Colombian Reg and Decaf
Easy Low-Acid
Guatemalan Antigua
Honduras Blend
Jamaican Style
Kona Style
Midnight Silk
New York Blend
Puerto Rican Blend
Sumatra Blend
Tanzanian Peaberry
Three Village Blend (Backorder)
Viennese Reg and Decaf


Breakfast Blend (Backorder)
Bridgehampton Blend
Chocolate Cherry Cordial
Chocolate Raspberry
Colombian Reg and Decaf
Easy Low-Acid Reg and Decaf
French Roast
Irish Cream
Italian Espresso
Jamaican Style
Kona Style
Long Island Blend
Midnight Silk
New York Blend
Three Village Blend Reg and Decaf

Special Occasion Ground or Whole Bean Coffee Gift Set

Eleni's Cookie Preference
Mug Options

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