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Terrace Café Cups


    Breakfast Blend Reg or Decaf




   Bridgehampton   Reg or Decaf

   Colombian   Reg or Decaf


   Donut Blend

   Easy *Low Acid  Reg or Decaf


   Long Island Blend 

   Jamaican Style



   French Roast  

   Italian Espresso Reg or Decaf

   Midnight Silk   Reg or Decaf

   NY Blend

   Sumatra Blend

   Super Joe *Extra Caffeine      

   Three Village Blend


   Amaretto Royal Reg or Decaf

   Apple Cobbler

   Bananas Foster

   Black Forest Cake

   Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble  Reg or Decaf


   Caramel Cream   Reg or Decaf

   Chocolate Amaretto
  Chocolate Cherry Cordial

   Chocolate Dutch Rum 

   Chocolate Maple Bacon

   Chocolate Marshmallow

   Chocolate Mint    Reg or Decaf

   Chocolate Mousse
   Chocolate Peanut Butter

   Chocolate Raspberry   Reg or Decaf
   Chocolate Swiss Almond

   Cinnamon Hazelnut   Reg or Decaf

   Cinnamon Pecan Swirl

   Cinnamon Roll

   Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Seasonal
   Coconut Cream    Reg or Decaf

   Crème Brulee  Reg or Decaf

   Eggnog -Seasonal

   French Toast

   French Vanilla    Reg or Decaf

Terrace Café Cups 


   German Chocolate Cake

   Gingerbread - Seasonal Reg or Decaf

   Hawaiian Hazelnut

   Hazelnut  Reg or Decaf    

   Irish Cream    Reg or Decaf

   Jamaican Me Crazy   

   Macadamia Nut

   Mexican Liqueur

   Mocha Nut
   Peppermint Mocha    Reg or Decaf Seasonal

   Pumpkin Pie    Reg or Decaf

   Salted Caramel

   Southern Pecan   Reg or Decaf  

   Tiramisu    Reg or Decaf

   Toasted Almond

   Vanilla Nut Cream    Reg or Decaf

   Vanilla Strawberry Swirl

   Vermont Maple Crunch
   White Chocolate Hazelnut 



   Chai Tea Latte

   Earl Grey Tea

   English Breakfast Tea

   Green Tea 



  Hot Chocolate

  Caramel Hot Chocolate

  Smores Hot Chocolate - Seasonal

  Peppermint Hot Chocolate - Seasonal 



   Almond Cookie Cappuccino

   Caramel Cappuccino   

   Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Cappuccino 

   Eggnog Cappuccino - Seasonal       

   French Vanilla Cappuccino

   Gingerbread Cappuccino -Seasonal

   Hazelnut Cappuccino    

   Irish Cream Cappuccino

   Original Cappuccino

   Pumpkin Cappuccino

   Red Velvet Cappuccino 

   Strawberry Shortcake Cappuccino





Green Mountain

Breakfast Blend   Reg or Decaf

Colombian Select

Dark Magic    Reg or Decaf

Nantucket Blend

Barrie House

House Blend

Italian Roast

Jamaican Me Crazy


City Roast

Colombian   Decaf Only 
Dark Note

Other Favorites

Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll

Newman's Own Special Blend

The Donut Shop 

Twinings Tea

Chai Tea    Reg and Decaf

Chamomile Tea

Earl Grey Tea    Reg and Decaf

English Breakfast Tea   Reg and Decaf 

Green Tea

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

Irish Breakfast Tea

Lemon and Ginger

Nightly Calm

Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea

Pure Roobois

Know before you go! Download our VCM Flavor List and bring it with you to help choose your favorites.
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